The National Trust of Australia (WA).

A community based heritage organisation in Western Australia

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A tidy up at our Tranby unearthed a box of postcards the Trust produced in the mid 1980s. Most are lovely pics of heritage places in Perth or Fremantle, though the two of the Perth skyline at dusk leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a particularly strong example of the  Miami Vice hues popular in that design era.

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Trust staff recently visited NTWA place Whitby Falls (fmr Lunatic Asylum) in Serpentine Jarrahdale to inspect the stone outbuildings. The stone buildings require urgent stabilisation works as some are in very poor condition, vulnerable and a few are unsafe and risking complete demolition; the Trust is developing a scope of works for this.

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Pictured in May 1984 is Sir Ninian Stephen, then the Governor General of Australia, opening York Courthouse after it’s transfer to the Trust, and subsequent conservation works. Also pictured is NTWA Founder, Margaret Feilman, addressing the assembled guests. Sir Ninian had an extraordinary career; he served in Borneo and New Guinea during WWII, and is the only Governor General of Australia to approve two double dissolution elections. 

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The Trust recently planted some 1500 tree and bush seedlings on land around the Timber Mill at Jarrahdale. This Jarrahdale Park Heritage Precinct work aims to restore  the Gooralong Brook; this restoration is a stage in the Landscape Integration Plan the Trust has for the place. Work on this natural resource management project was completed in partnership with the Jarrahdale Heritage Society and Serpentine-Jarrahdale LandCare, with help from funding from a WA State NRM Program Grant.

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These 3 pictures show Cliff Grange, a building at the Trust’s Central Greenough Precinct before (left) and after (right) conservation works on the masonry. The external works to walls involved removal of inappropriate cement pointing and repointing in lime mortar. Cliff Grange has been vacant for a couple of decades. The building is currently unoccupied, in a poor state and deteriorating. Only very basic maintenance was being carried out. All aspects of the building require conservation and electrical and water services are currently non-existent. Conserving the walls is the first step in this project. The project (internal and external wall conservation) was completed in partnership with the Department of Corrections; the excellent work was completed by 16 volunteers from Greenough Regional Prison. 

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