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The first stage of conservation to verandas of Bill Sewell Complex, Geraldton has been completed on the Crowley House wing of the former hospital.  Subsidence and rotting of some verandah timbers caused movement and safety concerns that have been addressed in these works.

The former hospital at Bill Sewell Complex, Geraldton dating from late Victorian and early Federation periods, and has fine, relatively intact, late Victorian and early Federation period hospital buildings. Comprising of Victoria House, Campbell House and Crowley House the substantial two storey buildings are constructed of sandstone with timber verandas. 

Works that commenced in 2014 will be progressively carried out over the next few years to conserve the timber verandah structure and detailing. Conservation work will include replacement of rotted timbers elements, using discreet steel brackets to tie the timbers together and secure to walls, general fixing, rejuvenating timbers with natural plant oils and sealing with paint coatings. The two storey western verandah of Crowley House is the first priority.

In continuity with its historical use Crowley House is leased to medical practitioners.  The verandas provide shade to windows; an impressive entry and the balconies above are a very nice outdoor space for the occupants.

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The NTWA’s 57 Murray Street in the CBD, is looking amazing now works are complete.  The Trust  took over management of the site in 2010 and has now completed extensive internal and external conservation works, during which much original intact detail was revealed.

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Conservation works at the NTWA’s Woodbridge include a project to replace the wrought iron balustrades to comply with modern health and safety requirements; the replacements will be of a similar type, but leave less space, through which things might fall. 

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New map details the Noongar history of Perth CBD

From the Trusts publication, ‘57 Murray St’ - “The lives of Aboriginal people were governed and scrutinised from 57 Murray Street from 1922-1945. While the names of the departments changed, the systematic oppression of Aboriginal lives did not.”

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