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Tobacco Farm Group (No.1), Graphite Road, Manjimup was built between 1920-30, & Classified by the Trust in 1987. The sheds are of timber covered with weatherboard and the kiln is of brick and timber construction. Each is covered with a corrugated iron roof, whereas the workshop and kitchen are constructed of timber and have the remnants of a shingle roof in-situ. A feature of note is the double- storied shed, the ground floor for machinery storage and the upper level for sorting. Entry to the upper storey is reached by a set of outside steps. The concrete foundations of the house are still in evidence and the whole is set amongst trees and gardens. 

The tobacco industry was centred around Manjimup until the late 1960s. This group of buildings, built by Mr R.C. Wadsworth, in the 1920s-30s, are thought to be some of the earliest of their kind in the district. This is because the sheds are of timber, rather than asbestos as are the later ones.

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